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About Us

The start of Called to More

We remember back in the day when churches had thriving women's ministries.

We remember how women had community and together were able to serve Him with passion. But somewhere along the way many churches decided to do away with women’s ministry. And women found themselves feeling disconnected. 

There were women of God who chose to bring women’s ministry to the road, and they had conferences where sometimes thousands of women gathered. But soon those gatherings became few and far between. 

That’s when we decided to bring women’s ministry to our local community, and Called to More was born. CTM has continued to grow and become more of what our community needs. From the very first women’s event came our very first Conference, and our first outreach program, The Table.


But CTM has always given to local women. The offerings we have taken have been carefully prayed over and used to bless women in need. 

Our Team

Libbie Hall, Founder and President

Libbie is an author, blogger and speaker. She is married to Brian and they have 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and 2 dogs. She has been in ministry for over twenty years – in worship, creative arts, and next steps. Prior to her time in ministry she was a Global Career Development Facilitator and the Director of Career Services at a university.

Libbie is a storyteller by nature, and loves to present the Bible in a way that compels people to live their life as God has purposed. Although she is in Michigan now she grew up in Southern California and also spent a few years in central Texas. She loves living a life that takes her wherever God leads her.

You can reach Libbie at libbie.ctm@gmail.com

Tilly Grace, Board Secretary

Tilly is an author, speaker and a dreamer at heart. She is married to Steve and they have 3 children, although they are often known to have any number of extra kids hanging around. She has been in ministry for over 15 years. In the beginning she volunteered in children’s ministry, and then God called her to focus heavily on women’s ministry. She often says she is called to serve God’s daughters. Tilly is a self-proclaimed nature nerd, and loves to see God’s handiwork in all of creation. She is a born and raised Michigander, but loves to explore anywhere God takes her. One of her passions is to share what God has done in her life to encourage others that God can and will show up for them too, no matter what the circumstances.
You can reach Tilly at tilly.ctm@gmail.com

Pamela Sabell, Board Treasurer

Pamela is passionate about volunteering as a children’s ministry teacher and serving in worship media support at her church. Pamela worked as a front-end program designer and then as a stay-at-home mom for 11 years, before starting her current job as a paraprofessional at her local school district. She and her husband, Don, have been married for over 25 years. They have 3 adult children and 1 beloved dog. 
You can reach Pamela here: pamelasabell.ctm@gmail.com

Amelia Edwards, Marketing Manager

Amelia is a Realtor in the Metro Detroit area, helping people find homes they love! She is married to Josiah, and they have one child and a Bernedoodle named Sky. She recently graduated with a liberal arts degree and focused on design and marketing in her education.

Amelia has a heart for worship and for youth ministry, and would spend all of her time in ministry if she could. She loves to serve the people around her and loves to care for her home and family.
You can reach Amelia here: ameliae.ctm@gmail.com

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